Over the years, Princess has established itself as one of the most successful and best luxury yacht manufacturers in the world. All British Princess Yachts models are characterized by exceptional sailing capability, high level of finish and uncompromising quality. Yachts have an impressive presence and excellent sailing ability in any sea conditions.

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For more than 30 years, Monterey, which started out as a small, family company in Florida US, has pushed boundaries when it comes to planning, developing, engineering and building boats. The company has grown greatly in recent years, establishing itself as a leading player in the market and as one of the world’s leading boat and yacht manufacturers.


SEA-FOX manufactures boats that are very resistant to salty water from quality raw materials and at attractive prices. SEA-FOX fishing boats are highly regarded in the fishing industry. As part of Aqua Marina’s vision, to bring under one roof the best brands in the field, let’s get to know the leading fishing boats on the market.


Bali is a French catamaran manufacturer affiliated with CATANA, a brand known for its high performance and construction of leading and highly durable catamarans. In collaboration with CATANA company’s research and development department, Bali’s catamarans are known for a number of unique features (hard deck in the bow, garage door rising from behind and more) that give boats a refreshing character that contributes to an amazing sailing experience.


Privilege manufactures unique, convenient and fast catamarans, the company is a part of HANSE GROUP corporation which builds sailing boats in the highest quality and standard in the world. Privilege’s incredible range of catamarans ranges in length from 50 feet to over 75 feet. Every vessel that leaves the factory is different and unique – when it comes to luxury and quality privilege, this is the name of the game


Cobalt has been building boats for over 50 years, the brand is associated with excellent sports and water skis boats made in the US. Cobalt are committed to high standards of performance and continue to make the boats they build much more than just a purchase. High and pampering luxury.




Beneteau, well-known French brand in the world of sailing, belongs to the largest boat and yacht corporation in the world. Beneteau offers a wide range of luxury motorboats and yachts in a selection of different sizes and finish levels. Whether you like to go fishing or just to sail fast, Beneteau has a boat that will provide an answer for you.


Malibu manufactures the best-performing, highest-quality water ski boats. The American company is well known for its innovative and inventive capabilities, Malibu is a manufacturer of axle-powered water ski boats in the world and the company is committed to providing surfers with the best performance experience on the water.


The sport and water-skiing boats manufactured by Axis use the advanced and groundbreaking technologies of Malibu company. Axis, established in 2009, has been and remains focused on water sports performance and the design of the boats it builds. Today Axis is the choice of many in the world, who are looking for the ultimate family toy.